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  • Tasha Ray Fingers In Pussy
    It’s always hot when chicks know what they like… Tasha Ray from is one such woman. She loves getting off, and she loves having her fingers buried between her pussy lips…. She loves masturbating, and nothing gets her off faster than when she masturbates with her fingers…. And it’s ...
  • Jennsin Part Two
    We love chicks that love masturbating. But chicks that need two vibrators to get off…. That sounds a bit much to us! But watching a chick masturbating with two vibrators at once… Smoking hot! [flv:/videos/jennsinv.flv 420 248] We can watch Jennsin get off like this masturbating all day long!
  • Layla’s Oh Face
      It’s not often we get to post these videos but they are oh so hot! The most erotic thing in the world is watching a woman masturbate. It’s not the act of masturbating itself, but watching them get off in the final few seconds when they are having their ...
  • Jennisin Part One
    All women have different stories about how they learned about masturbation. Jennisin here learned how to get off… Not in the bath, but in a hot tub! That must have been interesting to see! The first thing when you see when you first meet Jennsin is her huge knockers, so ...
  • Masturbation Party
    Some women just aren’t too interested in using only one sex toy to get off…. They need two or three! Tori Black from Ron Harris looks like she’s double fisting – masturbating with two sex toys at once! Looks like she’s lubing up her pussy with her vibrator, and lubing ...
  • Ellorie Jayne Masturbates
    There are women who like to masturbate, and then there are beautiful women who love to masturbate. Clearly Ellorie Jayne is a beautiful women who loves to masturbate. Brought to you by your friends at! Ellorie Jayne was on the couch when it hit her. She knows when that ...
  • Hard Glass Dildo
    Tanya James knows how to get things done. She masturbates with a glass dildo… Not one of those frilly kinds with all of the pretty designs and curves, just a straight up ram rod stiff hard glass dildo… Right up deep inside of her pussy! She’s not shy about being ...

Still Learning

I wrote a while back about my Aunt Christy and how I came to live in their carriage house apartment. My Aunt keeps her saddle vibrator in my apartment so we can share mutual masturbation and to hide it from her husband when he is home. He is away a lot. ..more.

First Time Seen by Wife

My wife knows that I masturbate since we were dating, and I know she does too, but she had never seen me doing it.

I’ve fantasized about doing it in front of her many times before, but never had the nerve to do it. The more I had done was touching my ..more.

Panties Catalogs and a Bra

I was over at a friends house a long time ago and nobody else was home one night. I went to go to the bathroom and when I was walking there I saw laundry on the floor. I noticed some panties and a bra on the floor and swiped them. I got them home to find ..more.

My First Time on Cam

I first discovered a website that showed others, mostly guys, masturbating on cam around the age of sixteen. Even though, up to that point, I had masturbated to pictures of, or fantasized about, naked girls, seeing a guy stroke his cock fascinated me for ..more.

Watching My Sister

My sister was and still is an attractive girl. She had a slim body and great boobs that were perfect. When I was 13 years old, I found out that you could see into my sisters room through the top or the old air vent in her ceiling from the attic. A couple ..more.

Eating My Load

I have always had a much greater sexual appetite than my wife. She is only in the mood about once a month, despite us being newly weds. As such I usually masturbate daily, sometimes two or three times a day. Unfortunately I have to hide this from ..more.

My Friends Twin Brother

Last week I went over to my best friend Tina’s house to hang out. The door was open so I went in and headed back to her room. As I walked by her twin brother Tim’s room, I saw him naked on his bed jerking off! His eyes were closed, he was breathing fast, ..more.

Really Bad but Really Good

My older brother is an asshole. He teases me constantly and loves to try and shock or embarass me. He will do things when his friends are over. Really horrid things like he might sniff the air and say, "Have you HAD your bath yet?" Or ..more.

Fairgrounds Bathroom

Last week was our annual county fair. I have been going to the fair for 19 years now, but I have never had an experience like this.

This all began when I was in the animal barns and I had to pee really, really bad. The new private bathrooms are all the ..more.

First Jack off Bud

When I was 17 I slept at my friend Jay’s house all the time when I was too tired to drive home. Since he had a big family I shared his queen size bed with him since there was no where else to sleep. Jay was on football with me so I had seen him naked in ..more.

Growing Up

I grew up in suburbia where it seemed at least four kids lived in every house, and the streets and vacant lots were always filled with kids playing. Everyone was very homophobic in those days, and pretty much tortured any boy that was a ..more.

Caughting her

I am a single father of a 10 year old and 3 houses down is a single mother of a 10 year old boy and 7 year old girl. We are good friends and in the past have helped each other in times of need. If she has a date I watch her kids and she does the same to ..more.

First Time for Solo

I had been jerking off for years and the first years of eroticism where I could just pull out my penis and get hard had long been gone. I had been dating for a couple years (late bloomer!) and had some limited experiences with sex. But it wasn’t until a ..more.

Fun With Wife’s Twin Sister

I happen to think my wife’s twin sister is about the hottest woman I have ever seen. Hey, they favor and they act a lot a like so why would I have the hots for my wife’s twin sister? I think it is knowing someone that is very close to my wife and ..more.

One Week in Summer

I suppose at the time I was exploiting the situation but being young I didn’t really see it that way. At 15 I was just a horny teenager whose dick would stiffen at the sight of a nice pair of legs, pert ass or nice breasts. That summer my friend Jeff and ..more.

Cumming Outside

When I was a teenager, Speedo swimming trunks were the swimwear of choice, unlike the big baggy shorts of today. They were made of a thin but stretchy material, which kinda showed all the bulges if they were a snug fit. During the summer before my 16th ..more.

Topless Girls

I am a great fan of eastern european women and go there whenever I can. Last year I went to Romania and travelled down to the Black Sea coast. It was extremely hot and I’d spend most days on the beach watching beautiful topless girls. Usually the views ..more.

Humping My Friends Cords

I wrote in "Techniques" about how much I enjoy corduroy jeans…I get especially hard for Levi’s cords.

One night when I was staying with a friend, I woke up and was the only one still in the room, and discovered my host had left his ..more.

New Apartment

I always had my window and shades down but when the warm weather began would leave my bedroom window open sometimes. One night I came out of the shower and dried off in my bedroom not realizing my window was still open. As I glanced over I noticed two ..more.

At the Lake

Last summer my parents forced me and my 12 year old sister to go with them for two weeks to a lake in the Adirondacks, and it was the last place on earth I wanted to be. They disapproved of my new boyfriend, probably because they knew we were fucking our ..more.

Holiday Fun

We arrived in our holiday apartment in Tenerife at about midnight. We decided to just drop our bags off in our room and head to the nearest bar for some beers. It was a hot night so had a few cold drinks but were feeling a bit tired from travelling so ..more.

French Exchange Student

I was 14yo, my sister was 16yo the summer she had an exchange student Lily from France staying with our family. My sister had already spent two weeks with the girl’s family in spring, so it was her turn to stay with us. My dad and sister picked her up ..more.

One Corny Movie, Two Horny Kids

When we were teenagers, I thought my cousin was a really sexy girl. I’ve always liked raven-haired brunettes in general, but Mandy was exceptional. Her little ass could do wondrous things to the back of a swimsuit and her smooth, shapely thighs were ..more.

Extended Orgasm

So, I get out of work early on a Friday afternoon. I get some stuff done, then I got the house to myself. Looking forward to a great jerk off session…

BTW, I have been reading Solo Touch since the old proaxis days. My fave stories are about men and ..more.

Hospital Stay

When I was 15, I managed to get a bladder infection. After several visits to the GP with my mother and several courses of antibiotics, my symptoms were not clearing up. One night, I was sleeping in bed when I was awoken by an excruciating pain in my ..more.

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