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  • Using Two Vibrators
    As if one vibrator in the pussy isn’t enough… This babe from FTV girls must be in a super hurry to get off. She’s thinking that if she uses twice as many vibrators, she’ll get off twice as fast… Not sure if that’s going to work for this masturbating hottie, ... […]
  • Camille Uses Fingers
    Camille is old enough to know what she wants – and exactly how to go about getting it too! And that requires her fingers on her naked pussy… Laying down in her bed, she has no need for sex toys. A few minutes of privacy with her fingers will work ... […]
  • Huge Vibrator In Pussy
    Allison looks like the type of chick that doesn’t has to masturbate, but instead she masturbates because she likes masturbating. All women like masturbating, some just like it more than others. Allison here likes it more than most! She knows what she likes when it comes to her masturbation technique. ... […]
  • Masturbating With Fruit
    Every now and then we come across a new masturbation technique or a photo that we’ll remember for ever… We found this picture of a FTV Girl Maura masturbating with what looks like a cucumber. Masturbating with fruit is no big surprise – women have been masturbating with fruit since ... […]
  • Barbi Caught Masturbating
    Barbi lost us at “Hello”. Barbi is 32, from Washington but sounds very Russian, is easy on the eyes, and loves to use both vibrators and her fingers. She likes to stimulate the clit! What we love about the Masturbation Interviews is that we get to hear the inside scoop ... […]
  • Finger Fucking Herself
    The FTV Girls are always the wild ones… They are both wild and always pretty. But it’s the pretty girls that always seem to be the horny ones… This babe’s name is Elisabeth, and while the name might invoke the image of a librarian, don’t be fooled. She’s beautiful both ... […]
  • Forest Masturbation
    You can tell that Annabelle loves getting off… She has room mates so she couldn’t masturbate at home because she’s super loud, so what she did was dress up in a short little skirt sans panties. She walked out into the woods, hiked her skirt up, and went to town ... […]

Lonely Cuddling

…a friend of my family (let’s call him Allan) was online. I was recovering from flu and although I was over it, I was feeling pretty low. I told Allan how miserable I was feeling and he typed "Awww hun. Sorry about that. You need a ..more.

Seen by My Aunt

When I was late 18 I began doing odd jobs for our Aunt Grace, who was then about 50-ish and had been widowed. These jobs included a bit of gardening, cleaning the gutters, washing her car, etc. Mom didn’t mind my going over there and the pocket money was ..more.

Ice Trick

I set myself up in my "masturbation station" where I have my lube and a mirror, and this time brought the ice. I’m big into anal devices, but this was the first time I was trying something cold. What a sensation when it went in! After I ..more.

Car Drive

Last night, while driving home late I decided I wanted to strip off and drive around naked so I pulled over and took off my shoes and shorts and socks and started driving.

It was a semi rural area, this got me horny so I pulled into a recess and took of ..more.

Shampoo Foam Surprise

Unable to move, I laid face down in a dazed sleepy state as the morning sun began to blast the room. The house was empty and eerily quiet. I was longing for somebody to nestle into but she had already gone. It seems time was meaningless until the ..more.

My Teenage Years

When I was younger my mother gave me the book Our Bodies Ourselves. I guess it was my parent’s way of giving me "the talk" without actually doing it. The book was filled with supposedly real letters from teens concerning puberty along ..more.

Sleeping Arrangements

So I hung out with a boy I used to be pretty intimate with a few weeks back.. and it was as if we were very close again. We had not hung out much in the last year but yet again we were fast friends.

We were flirty but not overtly sexual.. just a stroke ..more.

I Know He Is Reading This

I’m sorry it’s taken so long for me to write my experiences here. Partly, of course, it’s your fault. I read your contributions and I can’t keep my hands out of my panties. You make me so horny you see. When I see you in church, and when I read what you ..more.

My Partner

I’m a sixty five years old divorced male. We separated late, when the kids were out of the house and life became routine. I’m a bashful person, not too lucky in playing the sex game, so I even did not try to date. I settled down to quiet masturbation ..more.

In the Woods, Something Stirs

We used to go camping a lot. The two of us and either a tent or caravan. There wasn’t much sex at home, but none at all in the caravan. So I used to get up at night and wander into the woods that always forms a dog walk on caravan sites. I would do it ..more.

In the Doctor’s Office… Whew!

I was having trouble urinating so I went to a urologist a month ago and part of my treatment was that he had his female nurse put in a urinary catheter which would allow me to urinate freely (into a bag that I would attach to my thigh). The nurse wasn’t ..more.

File Room Tryst

The company I work for is in an older building, and has a legal requirement to maintain files for a long time. This means the building has a tremendous amount of file and storage rooms which are seldom, if ever, visited by the staff. A couple of years ..more.

In My Barn

I have a pretty big family. There are eight kids in my family and only a four bedroom house so its pretty hard to get some privacy. So when I feel like I need to masturbate, I usually go out to my barn. My family just thinks that I am working on one of ..more.

Love Jacking off for Susan’s Pleasure

Several years ago my nephew and his wife Susan moved in because of some hard times. I was enjoying their company for a month before I became attracted to Susan. Susan always wore skirts and loose shorts and was always exposing her legs and I started ..more.

Mom Caught Me!

So I’ve been reading on this site for quite sometime now and always wanted to submit this story but never had the balls to do it, after seeing some stories like this I just had to!!

Well I was 17 when all this happened, by then I was an avid ..more.

What Took You so Long?

My 18 year old cousin Lily’s mom got remarried and my stepdad, her moms brother, offered for her to stay with us during her mom’s honeymoon. Before my mom and stepdad went to work they asked if I would be home in the afternoon, (lily was driving herself ..more.

Watching My Neighbor

Growing up, I was friends with this girl that lived next door to me. Her name was Rebecca, and we were close friends, but never boyfriend and girlfriend. I remember going through puberty I began to notice her more and more. We were both in the same ..more.

Friend’s Dorm

I was visiting my friend at her school and stayed in her dorm. Her room mate was at home or something, and wouldn’t be there. We fooled around a bit and both got off. That’s not really what the story is about.

In the morning, she had to go and attend ..more.

In a Car Park

Today I was out and about doing my deliveries when I decided to have a break in a lovely car park in a forest area. While I was there I got my phone out and saw I had a good signal, so I went on to Solo Touch and started reading the stories and also I ..more.

My First Cum

I don’t think that I’ll ever forget that oh so wonderful night. For quite some time before this night, I had been exploring myself, rubbing and touching my cock. Eventually, I would be able to make it hard which I found very exciting. Many times I would ..more.

Watched My Sister

I have always wanted to see my older sister naked but never figured out how until now. She gets up fairly early to go to work, and when she does it is still dark outside. One morning before her alarm went off I made sure I was up, snuck into her room and ..more.

We Each Needed To Cum

I was 15 years old when this happen. My neighbor and I were very good friends. I am going to call him Jimmy in this. I think we liked each other in a more than friends way because we were always flirting. I thought he was very cute. I have small boobs, ..more.

Didn’t Know What I Was Missing

The first year I never dated anyone and my only outlet was masturbation. I even bought myself a dildo that’s a combination vibrator. All the years I was married it was seldom that my husband and I masturbated each other and our sex life consisted of ..more.

Mom Saw Me

I grew up with both of my parents and my brother in the outskirts of St. Johns Newfoundland. One day when my dad and brother were camping, my mom and I went on a trip to Massachusetts (from New York) to go to the beach. We were going to be there only for ..more.

Step Brother Jaime

I’m in between my freshman and sophomore year in college, and home for the summer at my Mom’s and Stepdad’s house. Last week my stepbrother Jaime who is in high school came to stay the week. Our bedrooms are separated by a bath with doors to each room. ..more.

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