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  • Vibrator Light
    Why is it that has all of the hottest babes masturbating? Ranushka is a hottie from Kuwait who learned how to masturbate on a bidet, so it’s pretty safe that she’s a wild one. She started off masturbating with an odd little vibrator. It has a light shining out ...
  • Masturbation Buddies
    Believe it or not Jenny from Ron Harris started off masturbating with her fingers… most women do. But when Jenny discovered her fingers weren’t going to get her off as quick as she had hoped, she moved over to taking care of business with her two best masturbation buddies … ...
  • Masturbation Picnic
    Have you ever met a chick and instantly want to see them naked and masturbating? That’s exactly how we felt about Annabelle Pink. We found her on a website called The Female Orgasm. Very much hotness yes! It’s nice to see yet another website dedicated to the joys and beauty ...
  • Purple Monster
    Here at Masturbation Page we’ve seen all kinds of vibrators. Some are thick, some are long; Some are so powerful we are afraid of them. Rarely do we get surprised by vibrators or chicks masturbating with them. That is until we came across Valentina from FTV Girls masturbating with this ...
  • Shy London
    We love how the crew does their masturbation interview videos. They are, by the way, the only ones who do something like this… It’s hot when women talk about their masturbation habits!!! London from is a bit on the shy side, so it was difficult to get her ...
  • Finger Fucking Or Flipping
    Carlie from looks like she’s having a good time… But is she fucking herself with her finger or flipping us the bird? Or both? Doesn’t matter… Once that finger slides in and out of her already super moist pussy a few times, she won’t be excited about flipping anyone ...
  • Masturbation Smile
    When a woman masturbates it’s a beautiful sight… While the FTV girls are a step above the rest, it doesn’t really matter how beautiful they are… In this case, the view we get from the foot of the bed focuses in on her the vibrator sliding into her pussy, and ...

Preachers Jack-off Too

This past winter 14 of us went to New Mexico to ski. We stayed at a private lodge. One huge room with two fire places, one at each end, and a hot tub for twenty. The lodge has two dorm type bedrooms – each with 10 half-beds. We got to the slopes mid-afternoon and skied until last call. We then went to the lodge tired and wet.

The group was six college guys from my church, our college roommates, our preacher and our youth director. We are all between 19 and 27. Our preacher, Rick, is an ..more.

Posting J/o Vids Online

My friend Brian and I were watching some amateur porn one night on the web, and he clicked on a video of a guy jerking off. I couldn’t figure out why he did that, then at the end he told me that it was him. We then read the comments which he really got into, and he was also proud that he got four and a half stars out of five. He had shot it so you couldn’t see his face, but I watched it again, and I could tell from his chest and the stuff on the night table that it really was him.

That week I taped ..more.

We Are Totally into Masturbating

I love cumming in my pants. The first times were in school. I’d been masturbating a long time before I ever had any cum, and so lots of times I would rub myself under the desk until I came. Then when I started to have bits of sperm, well, no problem. I just kept doing it. And my underpants just got wetter and wetter.

I didn’t think that any of the other boys—and certainly not the girls—knew anything about masturbating. I thought it was my little secret. When the girl next to me in class started ..more.

Best Ever Sleepover

Is it wrong that I am a 18 year old boy and have already had sex 50 times? It started about four years ago when my friend asked me round for a sleepover as his parents weren’t around. He was also 14. He also invited a girl who was 13. He asked her if he could have sex with her but she said it was a bad idea. I said it wasn’t. All three of us watched this movie on my mates laptop where two men were having sex with a woman. One man put his penis in the vagina and the other man put his penis in her mouth. ..more.

Girl Wanted To Jackoff Two Cocks

This happened after a evening of playing music at a small club.

Sitting on one end of couch was a so called buddy, new lady friend in the middle, myself other end. There was an almost porn movie playing on cable tv.

Thinking, dunno, new lady friend saw something on the tele said,(I’d like to jack off two guy’s at the same time). Being in the middle of taking a drink of beverage, sprayed coffee table upon hearing this to keep from choking!

Bringing up a new subject, we made small talk about different ..more.

Masturbation Party

Back when my wife and I were in our early 40’s we were invited to a friends house one Saturday night for a party. We were told there would be drinks and finger food and that they were inviting several couples, most of whom we did not know. We were also told that there would be a surprise.

We showed up on time and eventually there were 12 couples, including ourselves, ranging in ages from early 20’s to early 50’s.

After everyone arrived and had a chance to meet everyone, the host of the party asked ..more.

Never Too Old

The natural effects of ageing, combined with the after effects of four prostate surgeries, have left me barely able to function sexually. But in spite of all this, I still have a keen interest in sex; I just can’t do a whole lot about it.

Reading erotic literature is very stimulating for me, and I often find myself slowly masturbating, pulling my foreskin over the crown of my cock. Even though I have erectile disfunction, I can maintain a semi hard on if the literature is sexy enough. Looking at porn ..more.

Buck Naked in the Woods

I had done similar things like this before but not like this. There is a park near my house that sits back from the road and I had driven by dozens of times always wondering what it would be like, finally one day I just did it.

Driving there I was already hard and my heart was racing. I parked and walked up the trail to a bench that sits above the road. I stopped to take a few pictures of my walk.

Upon reaching the bench I looked around and nobody was anywhere to be found I could see the road and ..more.

Naked in the Exam Room

I tend to get long winded at times so I will try to keep this story short. I like to think I masturbate about as much as anyone else and its completely healthy to do so. I see some others have recently posted their stories about physical exams by the doctor, I thought I would share mine.

I recently moved and switched doctors so I wouldn’t have to travel so far to see the doctor should I get sick. I called the new doctor’s office and made the appointment to meet the new doctor. When the day came I went ..more.

So It Begins… My First Time

Much like others, I learned about sex and the almighty orgasm at a younger age. The only difference is I learned in a somewhat different method than most…

Being a "good kid" and having strict parents who never let us kids watch any rated R movies till we actually were over 16, it took years to figure out how things really "worked." I used to think sex was french kissing as my parents would often shoo us out of the room when anything got too hot and heavy citing too ..more.

Girls Locker Room

We got to the gym and set up our sleeping bags in the wrestling room and I went to the guys locker room to go to the bathroom but all the stalls were taken so I just went to the girls locker room.

I did my business and then looked around some of the lockers. Most were empty and most of the ones that had stuff in it were locked. I was getting bored when I found an unlocked locker. I looked in it and there was the usual stuff, shoes, tshirt, shorts, but there was also a set of underwear. I looked at the ..more.

Yet Another Brother/sister Story

I was almost 16 and my brother had just turned 14. Both of our parents worked so afternoons at home were usually pretty quiet. I was a flute player in the high school band and usually did not get home until about 4:30. My little brother was still in eighth grade and got home about 3:00 every day.

One day our band director had to attend some meeting and we did not have practice. I was offered a ride home by one of the older girls and took it very willingly instead of the almost two mile walk.

Imagine my ..more.

My First Pussy

So, we had been talking about it and as usual, I got horny as all hell and we ended up helping each other to cum. (We haven’t done the whole route yet.. well not up to that point anyway.)

Then Steve said, "You know, you could always, umm use another girls panties to see if you would like it." I didn’t think I could do that but he said "Suppose I get a nice freshly used pair for you.. leave it to me."

The next night we were together in his car, making out as usual ..more.

Unexpected Fun in the Men’s Room

Standing at the urinal in the men’s room in a downtown shopping mall, I noticed that the guy next to me was not really peeing. As a matter of fact, he had a beautiful hard-on that he made sure I saw. The guy was 25-30 years old, rather good looking, and had a nice circumsized dick very much like mine (about 6 1/2 inches long, 5 inches around) that he was gently stroking. As I said in my first story, that is a sight I enjoy ! There were about 5-6 men in the room at the time and people were starting to ..more.

Freshman Dedication

My name is Roger and my twin brother’s name is Steve. I have written before and I wanted to share our town’s football ritual. I am twenty and I went through this ritual when I was a freshman and my dad and his dad both went through the same ritual when they were freshmen in high school, so what I am saying is that it has been around a long time.

The Saturday before two-a-days all of the high school football team, incoming freshmen through seniors, dads, granddads and local preachers dedicate the day to ..more.

Jacking off With Karen

At the time of this story Karen was my best friend’s girl. However he was cheating on her and she became aware of it. Being my best friend’s girl, she was very close to me.

She came to my house around 7:00 pm one night and we started to chat mostly of her situation with my cheating best friend. Around midnight, she realised it was too late to get back home as the last bus had gone so my mother made arrangements with her parents and she stayed at my house.

Around 1:30am I heard someone knocking at my ..more.

The Girl Who Had It All

Sarah was in the middle of telling us about how hard her life was (living in a £1.5m house and still spending money like water) when I couldn’t take any more of her twofacedness and walked out into my garden.

A couple of minutes later, there was Sarah. "Look, I know you don’t like me, but it HAS been hard, you know." I thought "Yeah, right". She tried to justify what she had done, but it didn’t work. She was just a rich bitch and that was that. But then I ..more.

Grinding Dad on the Subway

The subway car was crowded. Dad was right behind me. I could feel him. He was hard. Mom was right next to us. She had no idea what was going on.

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you know that I’m Amy, a good girl, well, outwardly, who has developed a perverted streak a mile wide since I went off to college last fall.

I’m back in school now, but over summer break I started to get more than a little freaky with my dad. I started out by letting him catch a few glimpses of my awesome little ..more.

The Girl Who Had It All

Sarah was in the middle of telling us about how hard her life was (living in a £1.5m house and still spending money like water) when I couldn’t take any more of her twofacedness and walked out into my garden.

A couple of minutes later, there was Sarah. "Look, I know you don’t like me, but it HAS been hard, you know." I thought "Yeah, right". She tried to justify what she had done, but it didn’t work. She was just a rich bitch and that was that. But then I ..more.

Paper Route

In my youth I had a paper route. One afternoon I was sorting the papers and getting ready to deliver my route. I was on the porch and had noticed my friends step sister next door her basement light in her room was on. I had helped her brother, my friend, move her to the basement bedroom a few weeks ago and noticed the paneling in her room and window shade was new. I could see her from the porch. Her shade was open this made me more curious. I walked over close to her basement room window. As I got closer ..more.

Cum in My Girlfriends Panties

My girlfriend has taken a summer job so she is gone most of the day. I am left at home alone for hours upon hours. This is where this site has been such a help for me with so much time on my hands I have been masturbating a lot. I get on the site and read all these kinky stories and it gets my dick all hard. I like to walk around naked with my huge hard on knowing that my girlfriend is at work. I get some of her new clean panties and bring them over while I read Solo Touch. I stroke my big hard cock ..more.

My Cousin Finally Did It

I have been wanting to try anything with my cousin for a long time, but he never seemed to be into sexual things, especially with guys. One night when we were younger, we were sleeping in the same bed and he told me to touch his penis. I didn’t want to at first but I came through. He then slid his hand into my underwear and started to rub on my dick, and I loved it. Things didn’t go further that night, but one night it did. When we were 16, we both spent the night at our grandparents house. We had done ..more.

‘Accidental’ First Time With a Friend

Like most guys I had friends over to spend the night fairly often.  When I was thirteen I had a new friend over for the first time.  We did typical guy stuff—talked about girls a lot, listened to music, etc. We also decided it would feel good if we gave each other massages.  Since I’d read a book about massage, I gave him his first, so then he would have a better idea what to do.


We were already in our underwear—tighty ..more.

Dreaming of Josh

When I was 15 I liked girls and all, but a certain boy had a place in the mix as well. Josh, 13, had a smooth androgynous body, dark wavy hair and a handsome young face with smoky brown eyes. We never actually did anything, but I had a very realistic dream about him.

We were naked in the shower, kneeling on the shower floor with me behind him. His head was resting on my shoulder, damp trails of his tousled hair strung along my skin, and I had my arms around his waist as I stroked and squeezed him from ..more.

Another Event With My Cousin

About seven months had passed since I had that event with my adoptive step-cousin that I’ll call Alice. Since then we hadn’t been alone at all and heck, we hadn’t even said two words to each other. Then one day I had gone over to my aunts house and she told me I could watch a movie in the upstairs tv room. I picked out a good movie and went upstairs to the room. When I walked in I found that Alice was sitting on the couch using her laptop. She looked up and smiled. I muttered about being in there to ..more.

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