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  • Using Two Vibrators
    As if one vibrator in the pussy isn’t enough… This babe from FTV girls must be in a super hurry to get off. She’s thinking that if she uses twice as many vibrators, she’ll get off twice as fast… Not sure if that’s going to work for this masturbating hottie, ... […]
  • Camille Uses Fingers
    Camille is old enough to know what she wants – and exactly how to go about getting it too! And that requires her fingers on her naked pussy… Laying down in her bed, she has no need for sex toys. A few minutes of privacy with her fingers will work ... […]
  • Huge Vibrator In Pussy
    Allison looks like the type of chick that doesn’t has to masturbate, but instead she masturbates because she likes masturbating. All women like masturbating, some just like it more than others. Allison here likes it more than most! She knows what she likes when it comes to her masturbation technique. ... […]
  • Masturbating With Fruit
    Every now and then we come across a new masturbation technique or a photo that we’ll remember for ever… We found this picture of a FTV Girl Maura masturbating with what looks like a cucumber. Masturbating with fruit is no big surprise – women have been masturbating with fruit since ... […]
  • Barbi Caught Masturbating
    Barbi lost us at “Hello”. Barbi is 32, from Washington but sounds very Russian, is easy on the eyes, and loves to use both vibrators and her fingers. She likes to stimulate the clit! What we love about the Masturbation Interviews is that we get to hear the inside scoop ... […]
  • Finger Fucking Herself
    The FTV Girls are always the wild ones… They are both wild and always pretty. But it’s the pretty girls that always seem to be the horny ones… This babe’s name is Elisabeth, and while the name might invoke the image of a librarian, don’t be fooled. She’s beautiful both ... […]
  • Forest Masturbation
    You can tell that Annabelle loves getting off… She has room mates so she couldn’t masturbate at home because she’s super loud, so what she did was dress up in a short little skirt sans panties. She walked out into the woods, hiked her skirt up, and went to town ... […]

So Ashamed, so Alive

Longleat. A beautiful estate and at night you can hear the lions roar! We arrived at 12:00 and had the choice of four pitches. The one next to us was empty until another couple arrived.

He was, I would say in his 40′s perhaps, she was younger, ..more.

First Time With Friend

During the last 23 years, I have had many jacking experiences with others. This story is about the first time, when I was 18 years old.

It was right after graduating from high school in 1987. Steve and I were friends throughout junior high and high ..more.

Making Evan Cum

This is a memory I reflect back upon with fascination and also the knowledge that, as teens, we were willing to do just about anything after midnight.

It was a usual Friday night at our friend’s house. I was in the eighth grade, and always with raging ..more.

First Time With Another Guy

First off, I was 16 at the time and had a cousin who was 13. This particular summer we started hanging out a lot playing video games and stuff.

One day, we went swimming in my pool then he decided to stay the night. My parents weren’t home but it was ..more.

Lets Play Chicken

I apologize if this is really long… When I was 15, I got to be really close with this kid Joe that I had gone to school with since we were 10, but I never really knew. So our freshman year, we got really close and would talk about the usual ..more.

Me and Izzy

Every summer, my family is visited by my Aunt and her two daughters, my cousins, who live in Europe. For years, we’ve gotten along as most cousins tend to do, in a completely harmless manner. That, of course, was true up until my cousin Izzy, the oldest ..more.

Amazing, and so Very Special

She works in the catering department and I rarely see her, but whenever I do, she makes a point of asking how I am and I return the compliment.

Last Thursday, totally unlike me, when I saw her, I reached out and hugged her. I thought she would pull ..more.

Masturbation in My Golden Years

Masturbation in My Declining Years

My masturbation life has been extensive. I have enjoyed a great number of healthy masturbations for a number of decades now. Certainly, conditions may have been different at different times. Maybe sometimes I am ..more.

Sleeping in Her Bed

I was housesitting for a friend last night while she was out of town. After hanging out with some other people until late, everybody went to sleep and I headed to my friend’s room. I’ve always been attracted to her. She’s gorgeous, with small tits (no ..more.

Getting Watched Some More

As I wrote about in my last story, I’m the kind of girl who isn’t really what she appears to be. I always got good grades, did my chores and acted responsibly and modestly. You might be surprised by someone like that showing her boobs to her own father ..more.

Play Time With Matt

I’m typically a shy girl. I haven’t had a lot of sexual experiences in my youth. It’s not because I’m not pretty, I’m tall and thin with strong legs, long dark brown hair, deep green eyes and B cups. I was just always too scared to be intimate with guys. ..more.

Fun With Best Friend

Miller and I had met the previous summer during a camp show. He and I were the best of friends. We were doubled as the same character in the play, and were pretty much the same person. We both were pretty short for our age, pretty good dancers and were ..more.

Sports Physical

I had never had a sports physical until I was in eighth grade trying out for the soccer team. There were rumors floating around that the Dr "felt you up" It was rather stressful to think about at that age.

So the day came and they ..more.

My Sisters Boyfriend

My sister’s college boyfriend Eric came to visit us last week, and slept in my room. He is really a good looking guy, and the first night when he stripped down to his boxer shorts, and I got a good look at his body and bulge, I got a hard on under my ..more.

Cfnm Fun With Neighbors Mil

When my neighbors (mid 40′s) go away, the mother-in-law comes and house sits. Before they left, the neighbors came over and told us about their plans and that the MIL would be coming over. They also told me that she has been rather obsessed with ..more.


Well let me start off by saying I’ve been an avid masturbator for many years now, I started younger than I care to think about lol. But recently I’ve been bored with just staying at home and jerking off to whatever I could find on the internet. Don’t get ..more.

Doctor Doctor, Give Me the News

I discovered masturbation when I was 18. I grew up in a house where sex was unheard of. I am an only child and I have never heard my parents having sex. I went to a catholic school my entire life and now go to a catholic college. My parents have always ..more.

He Loves His Cum Too

I have been with my boyfriend for over a year now but one of our first experiences is still one of the hottest of my life. One of the first times he slept over at my apartment it happened to be my time of the month. Just like in every new relationship, ..more.

Role Play Rush

Misfits is about a group of Young Offenders. One of the characters is, what I understand, is called a "Chav." She is badly spoken and totally foul mouthed. "Mouth like a sewer" my partner says.

We were making out in ..more.

Another Sis and Bro Story

This story is in response to "Sis and Bro Learning About Sex" that was posted last month. After reading it I really felt like I should post my own similar experience. I thought it was great to see that other sibs have explored stuff ..more.

Fun at 60

It seems unfair that at the age of 60+ I learn some things I would have loved to know at 18.

The problem is not that I did not enjoy myself, the problem is I could have enjoyed more.

You see, at a younger age I was seduced by an older guy and had my ..more.

On the Trail With Dad

I grew up in a small southern town in the 1960′s. Surprisingly, my dad was very open and frank with me about sex. Two or three times a year, he and I would go for a weekend hike along the Appalachian Trail. It was during these father-son bonding periods ..more.

Late Night Handjob

This happened a while back. When we weren’t in school, a friend and I used to spend tons of time together, and we slept over at each others’ houses constantly. Not only that, since it was so hot at night we would both sleep naked, which was never any big ..more.

Teaching Neil

We were both 13 when this happened.

And it happened many more times after this, still happens every now and then…but this time was the first.

His first. My first time with him.

Neil’s arm had been broken two weeks before we went camping, and since ..more.

My Girlfriend’s Cousin’s Panties

I have a panty fetish, especially g-strings—love seeing them on women who unknowingly flash them in public as well as going through panty drawers and laundary baskets. What a thrill it is to go through a woman’s panties and to find out that she ..more.

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