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First Time

A couple of weeks ago I went over to my mates house 30 miles away, he’s divorced and so am I. We went out for a drink and something to eat then back to his, I was staying the night. He showed me to the bedroom where I was sleeping and went to his room. ..more.

Why I Have a Suit Fetish

For years I knew of the Adult Cinema in my town, but never had the nerve to go there (it’s gone now, was on Rt 9 in Old Bridge, NJ). In college I had started visiting adult book stores and the theater at one in Egg Harbor. I found myself wanting more of ..more.

Dirty Talking

Lately, I’ve been real depressed. So I’ve been talking with my best friend who is a chick. Recently, she asked me, "What do you do in your free time when you are so sad?" I responded, "Ummm, I do other things, let’s just ..more.

My Experiences With Naturism

I was first introduced to nudism when I was 9 years old. My friend Hannah and her family moved into town, and Hannah was in my class. We had many things in common, so it was only natural that we became friends. As it turned out, Hannah’s family, her ..more.

Missed Opportunity

At the time I was a training supervisor for a large company. I taught technicians their craft and my boss rated me pretty highly. One friday he called me into his office and told me he was going to loan me out to the regional staff to set up a training ..more.

Still at It in My Golden Years!

The story by the previous gentleman is more than true. Getting older IS ok. I’m 68 now and although my wife passed away nearly six years ago, that hasn’t stopped my sexual activity. As the pain of her death subsided I realized I was as horny as I ever ..more.

Confused Son

To get it started I live with my son in our condo. He has just turned 18 years old.

I work at a beauty salon so I always have tons of skin and hair care product laying around. Well the other day I walked in on him in the bathroom using one of my bottles ..more.

Ashamed and Humiliated

I was in LA for 10 days and two days before I left I saw Kenny at the mall. I dated him in high school for more than a year. We never had intercouse but we did masturbate and have oral sex the last few months we were together. He was married but now ..more.

He Tickled Me

I have a younger brother who was and is an asshole. When he was 13 and I was 15 he went through a phase of grabbing me and tickling me. Usually, I would shrug him off and give him a kick, but on this time, he caught me just out of the shower on the ..more.

Saw My Son

I’m a 54 year old mother of a 23 year old son. He came to stay with me after college unti he landed a job. It’s just been me and him for seven years. I will admit that I have had passing thoughts about whether or not he is well endowed like his Dad. His ..more.

Weekends in the Country

My wife’s mother Susan is about 20 years older than my wife Joan and I. Mother and daughter are both gorgeous. Since Susan’s husband left her for a younger woman a couple of years ago, she’s been spending more time with us. Both mother and daughter like ..more.

Teasing Sister-in-law

My wife’s twin sister loves nothing better than teasing me. A glimpse of a tit with her shirt unbottoned or spreading her legs and showing her panties. I know she knows what she is doing because each flash is usually followed by a sly grin. But it is ..more.

My Sis

I’m not proud of this, but it was the biggest turn on of my life so far.

My sister is Joanne. (Jo.) She is getting on for 19 and is really into fitness. Lately, because she is not working, she had to let her gym membership lapse and has taken up ..more.

Ejaculating into My Mouth

When I was a teen, I mostly masturbated at night so that I wouldn’t get caught. I’d wait until everyone was asleep, and then go at it. My problem was always ‘how to clean up.’ Usually I brought tissues with me to bed, but then I had to dispose of them in ..more.

Fun in Speedos

When I was 15 I had a 13 year old friend named Jason. In the summer, I was at the local swimming pool with my family. A few minutes after I had entered the pool, I saw a wave from Jason, who had just came in. I told my family that I would swim with Jason ..more.

Fun With Sarah

Fun with Sarah

This is another true story that happened about two years after I was wanking with my niece and involved my other niece Sarah who was Carols younger sister. Sarah was 18 and into horse riding just like her sister and also used our house as ..more.

Nice Massage

Our town has a number of massage parlors, mostly staffed by Asian women of varying ages, but tending toward late 30′s. I stopped in one such place a couple days ago for a little stress relief. My regular girl had gone home to Korea but in her place was a ..more.

Spa Pool

When I was 19 I had a year pass to the pools, as I was a regular swimmer and it was a great way to end the day and was always nice to relax after a round of laps in the spa pool. The spa was located in the middle of the swimming area. I used to love this ..more.

My Life as a Masturbator

I’m not sure when I started masturbating but I remember doing it early on. And even then, I was masturbating like a grown man does, by gripping my cock and pumping it up and down. I don’t know how I learned to do it that way.

I was very capable of ..more.

Spa Pool

One year I was fortunate to have a pass to the pools daily, which I used to do laps every night after study. One night while going with my friends we decided to go into the spa for a nice relax, the spa wasn’t anywhere discreet but in the middle of the ..more.

Sixty and Still Masturbating

I am 60 years old and I still love to masturbate. I started when I was quite young. I haven’t missed much time doing it. When I was younger, it was every day, sometimes three or four times. As I have gotten older, the frequency has slowed, but not the ..more.

Sisters Share Things

Having a curious kid sister is ok, but it can get kinda, well, it can cramp your style a little! Emma is 16 and I have caught her a couple times sneaking my thongs (clean, I hasten to add) and wearing them. I would have done the same if I had an older ..more.

First Time

My first time having sex was when I was 22. I was a late bloomer and didn’t grow until college. I needed a haircut and called a spa everyone was talking about. I had a 6:30 appointment and when I arrived why showed me what they do. I needed a haircut and ..more.

Response To the Panties

I’ve been there, and still am. I started smelling my stepdaughters panties when she was 15 (she’s now nearly 19) as well as reading her journal for sexual writing, and masturbating into her panties. The most difficult part of it is the dreams that come ..more.

The Show

My ex-girlfriend’s little sister, Anne, convinced me to dance at a birthday party for her best last summer.

I was kind of nervous, to be honest, about stripping, I was sure I could get through it, and maybe have some fun, too!

I did the cop thing, wore ..more.

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