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  • Using Two Vibrators
    As if one vibrator in the pussy isn’t enough… This babe from FTV girls must be in a super hurry to get off. She’s thinking that if she uses twice as many vibrators, she’ll get off twice as fast… Not sure if that’s going to work for this masturbating hottie, ... […]
  • Camille Uses Fingers
    Camille is old enough to know what she wants – and exactly how to go about getting it too! And that requires her fingers on her naked pussy… Laying down in her bed, she has no need for sex toys. A few minutes of privacy with her fingers will work ... […]
  • Huge Vibrator In Pussy
    Allison looks like the type of chick that doesn’t has to masturbate, but instead she masturbates because she likes masturbating. All women like masturbating, some just like it more than others. Allison here likes it more than most! She knows what she likes when it comes to her masturbation technique. ... […]
  • Masturbating With Fruit
    Every now and then we come across a new masturbation technique or a photo that we’ll remember for ever… We found this picture of a FTV Girl Maura masturbating with what looks like a cucumber. Masturbating with fruit is no big surprise – women have been masturbating with fruit since ... […]
  • Barbi Caught Masturbating
    Barbi lost us at “Hello”. Barbi is 32, from Washington but sounds very Russian, is easy on the eyes, and loves to use both vibrators and her fingers. She likes to stimulate the clit! What we love about the Masturbation Interviews is that we get to hear the inside scoop ... […]
  • Finger Fucking Herself
    The FTV Girls are always the wild ones… They are both wild and always pretty. But it’s the pretty girls that always seem to be the horny ones… This babe’s name is Elisabeth, and while the name might invoke the image of a librarian, don’t be fooled. She’s beautiful both ... […]
  • Forest Masturbation
    You can tell that Annabelle loves getting off… She has room mates so she couldn’t masturbate at home because she’s super loud, so what she did was dress up in a short little skirt sans panties. She walked out into the woods, hiked her skirt up, and went to town ... […]

Scouts With Toys (Pt. 2)

Allen and I were still recovering from our missionary position sex with the fake girl I had constructed for us. We were sitting cross-legged in the middle of the tent.

Finally I thought we were ready. "Lie on your back and start getting your ..more.

An Awakening

It was well below freezing. Ted and I were crossing the ground on snow shoes after a full day out hiking. The cabin we were staying at for the weekend lay just ahead. The place was quite isolated, about an hour’s drive from anywhere. Ted’s uncle had ..more.

Me and My Dad

Ever since I was little I have been fascinated by sex. My uncles had a black box for our TV so we got every station, including the Playboy station, so I grew up always putting the channel on when no one was home and getting aroused by it.

As I got ..more.

Mrs. Madsen

I used to have a job delivering prescriptions to the elderly. No big deal…ring the doorbell, get them to sign for it and leave. At the time, I was in my early twenties. One fall morning, I was in a new and unfamiliar neighborhood, making a delivery to ..more.

An Experience With Gram

This happened a week ago and I thought you readers might enjoy this true story. I am eighteen years old and live with my parents and grandmom (Gram). I will be off to college at the end of the summer. Now Gram is a very attractive woman and has ..more.

Summer Experience

I worked at a summer camp as a counselor and was in charge of nine campers who were 12 years old. A few days after camp started their was a Counselor BBQ and I was asked to help grill the food. When the camp went to the evening activity I went with three ..more.

Jacking off Naked in Front of Sis!

About the mid eighties I sat naked next to my younger sister and enjoyed her looking at my erect penis, but it was dark in the house and she did not have her glasses on. She really didn’t see my penis that well. Afterwards I also wished I had jacked off ..more.


The characters on the daffy prime time show on the RCA prattled on, the Hollywood laugh track filling the void. While I pretended to be watching it, the truth was, I had no earthly idea what kind of trite shenanigans were going on. Nor did I care. I had ..more.

Neighbors Panties

I lived in a small community with a population of about 400 people. Anyway we had this annual event where most of the families go camping up at the campsite not far from the town. Usually my sister stays and watches the neighbors house for them but this ..more.

First Time Alone

When I was 13 my mother, brother, and sister went to visit grandma for a week. Since I was playing Little League baseball I stayed at home with Dad who worked during the day, leaving me home alone. I was beginning to feel stirings in my penis but had not ..more.

Scouts With Toys (Pt 1)

I didn’t tell Allen, my tentmate, about the nude play and circle jerk Rusty and his uncircumcised tentmate, Erik, and I had that afternoon. But those images still flashed in my head as Allen and I lay on our sleeping bags and talked about the camp day by ..more.

Drunk Experiment

True story.

It started when my friend “James” invited me to watch his local football team Huddersfield one friday night. 4 of us went but it was just me and James who were stopping at his house for the night afterwards. It had been late ..more.

Cum Loving Little Sister & My Friend

At the time I didn’t think of my little sister as anything but, well, my little sister. The fact that she had on numerous occasions feasted on my cum was a detail that I just hadn’t worked around to reconciling. That would be years later and only after ..more.

Swapping Mine for Hers

There is a member of my family that is rather kinky and I guess you could add me in and that would make two of us. This family member I’m speaking of happens to be my sister’s daughter, my niece. Kay is in her early 20′s and has always been a hot number. ..more.

What an Understanding Lady!

This is a quick one, but I was remembering this strong so I thought I’d jot it down.

I’m not sure how old I was exactly, but I know I was still very skinny, with my tweeny body before I filled out in the upper body. I can remember I was wearing these ..more.

Shower Head… Wow

Ok, I’ve read about this technique many times on this site and others. But I hadn’t tried it properly. I remember once when I was younger, showering and thinking that the head spray was powerful and would be a good sensation on the end of my cock. So I ..more.

Accidental First Time

My story starts in a sixth grade science class when we did a unit on reproduction. The teacher discussed many topics on sexuality, most of which went over the boys heads…as we just wanted to look at the illustrations.

I listened with keen interest ..more.

Permanent Erection

Back around 1989, I was in my late twenties, and I was working as a paralegal, processing legal documents. I worked in a large room on a high-security floor. We worked in groups of four, in a square, with each of us having a p.c. on an open-legged stand. ..more.

Seeing a Boy’s Cum

I used to have two best friends, Carol who was my age, and a boy named Clifford who was a year younger than us.

Clifford lived just a couple of houses from me and we had pretty much grown up together. As it turned out he was gay, but none of us knew it ..more.

How It All Started

My three sisters and I had a room to ourselves, and our two brothers had another. Jessica, is older than me and was 19 at the time and pissed as all hell that she still had to share. Jane was two years younger and had begun to develop way younger than me ..more.

Wanking and Jilling in Class

Like most girls at that age, I used to roll my skirt up to make it as short as possible. (Before UNROLLING it in time for getting home!) Our desks were in rows, and it was a double history lesson. In short, if they could bottle boredom, that would be it. ..more.

Just Imagine

Well, that is what it’s like for a girl like me with a high sex drive and no boyfriend! Oh, sure, at first, masturbation relieved the tensions, but then that becomes insufficient. You cum, yes, but the frustration level builds quickly, and higher than ..more.

High School Boys Together

When I was about 14 or 15, I was one of a group of about six guys who hung out together at school. (This was an old fashioned selective intake high school in Scotland.)

Naturally we were all interested in sex and our own sexual development. I can ..more.

The Story Continues

This is a continuation of my story of my sexual life that first began when my older cousin introduced me to the exquisite pleasure of masturbation when I was 13. Living on an isolated farm, I had little opportunity to associate with other kids so was ..more.

Hot Nights in Nyc

Right after college, I got a job in NYC. My best friend in HS (Ken) and I got a dumpy one bedroom four story walkup apartment. For the first 6 months he got the bedroom, and I had the pullout couch in the living room. We switched the second 6 months. One ..more.

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