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  • Redhead Leyla
    The more we get into the videos of women masturbating the hotter it gets! This week we have Leyla, a sexy thin red head… Watching her masturbation interview was hot enough, but watching her do it is another matter. She likes to masturbate with a vibrator on her clit ...
  • Kara Duhe Masturbates
    The prettier they are, the more often they masturbate. It’s true. It’s because most men are afraid to even talk to someone as hot as Kara Duhe! But Kara Duhe knows how to get off. She loves her glass dildo; It’s her favorite way to get off – and so ...
  • Two Fingers
    Some women are just not afraid to go at it…. Some women are just bold and do what needs to be done. Devin is such a woman. She loves to masturbate, and she knows exactly how she likes it. Then again you would think that after a few years of ...
  • Two Finger Masturbation
    Dilan just looks like one of those chicks who has a dirty little kinky side… And we think it’s because she’s always horny and loves to masturbate! She’s the type of chick that wears a short little summer dress with no panties so that any time the urge hits her, ...
  • Hurry To Get Off
    If funny how when chicks are in such a hurry to get off that they don’t even remove their panties… Tasha Ray from was like that. She wanted to get off so bad that nothing was going to stop her – and surely not her own panties! She just ...
  • Bath Tub Fun
    We caught Nikki Brooks on the Ron Harris website…. Taking a bath. Hmmmm. You know what women do in the bath, RIGHT? They like to get off in private, usually using the shower head. And it seems Nikki Brooks has a little shower head that she can use… Nikki Brooks ...
  • Scarlet Masturbates
    Scarlet is a hot little tart… From Hungry too! She loves to talk and of course loves to talk about her masturbation habits. She looks like she might be shy, but she has a long term on-going love affair with her shower head. (Most women do!) During her masturbation interview ...

Wife’s Doctor

My wife woke up a few days ago not felling well and I drove her to her new doctor. When we went in a filled out the paperwork I heard my wife’s name called and she went in the door. I sat for 20 minutes and my wife came out with a script to get some ..more.

A Virgin Until 29

The title is correct until I was 29 I was a virgin. I had done other things but was never able to get a women to go all the way with me. This is my story.

Growing up I was the short fat kid that most people picked on. Once I had enough I usually hit ..more.

Peeping and Sniffing

Recently two of my wife’s sisters and four nieces came to visit us. One of the sisters is older than my wife and the other one younger. The four nieces range in age from 18 to 28. The Saturday they were there they all went to a festival. I stayed home to ..more.

Good "Clean" Hand Jobs

I was in my early twenties when I arrived overseas at an island in the Far East. When off duty, we did have an off base town with lots of girls working the bars. Getting a girl for sex was no problem. But, what many of these girls carried was a problem. ..more.

Masturbation Conversation

A true story.

I was then about 35 or so and had begun to get neck and back tension related to office work. I had gone to several Swedish-style masseuses for relief and while their treatment was ok I was put off by their clinical attitude. They ..more.

Massage Fantasy Wank

I have this friend that I have known for years. She is good looking and a bit more honest than a lot of my other female friends. One night she was at an adult toy party and we were texting each other. I was getting texts saying that the girls were ..more.

Honey Next Door

The family next door would drop their daughter off some weekend if they worked. She was about 13 and had quite a cute figure developing, she often worn denim jeans that stuck to her like glue showing off her cute butt. She would usually lie on the sofa ..more.

Wrestling With Cousins

I can remember when I was about 13 or so my cousins Jenny and Zoe would hang out at our place. They were 13 and 14 and I began to get boners around them especially in the summwer when they wore next to nothing. They would play this wrestling sort of game ..more.

The Color of Right

Before my experience with Davida in that Dallas hotel, I had a girlfriend in high school named Joanna, whom I honestly and truly loved. She introduced me into the Furry fandom. (She was already a member) and we remained together from 2003 to my ..more.

Criminally Captivated

I found a normal girl. I wanted to corrupt a normal girl. I placed an ad. She had a boyfriend, had bills to pay and what not. Needed to be discreet. Her name was Emma. She sent me a few pictures. I did not believe the pictures she sent me. I stared at ..more.

It All Started With Wet Dreams

It was the winter of my eighth grade, I was 13. I had not discovered masturbation, but I remember having frequent erections, particularly as I would get ready for bed and when I woke in the morning.

One morning before dawn, I remember having a dream ..more.

Preachers Wife

I think my preachers wife is hot. A lot of the time at church I just can’t stop staring. She’s not what most people would consider to be hot. She’s about 5’6". Kind of a big ass but she’s lost some weight recently so it’s actully a little ..more.

My Intro

One day, David, the boy who introduced me to mutual masterbation got me to help him, and his sister, erect their tent in the nearby woods. When it was built he said he needed a pee, but I said your sister, who was with us, will see. He said "it ..more.

College Toilet

To start off with it was just any other Friday. Nothing special was happening. I was getting some good looks from some of the ladies around college but nothing out of the usual.

As lunch was ending and I was heading to Graphics I just went into the ..more.

Re: First Wet Dream

You’re not alone in having your first wet dream late in life. My first one only happened when I was 19 and it happened under even more embarrassing conditions than you.

I had an emergency appendectomy when I was 19 and was bedridden for a few days ..more.

Midnight Stroll

I went on a little walk the other night on some back country roads. It was late and I knew when I planned this little hike that hardly anyone would be out. My plan included ‘going commando’ (i.e. no underwear) and wearing an old pair of jeans that had a ..more.

Sitting With My Son

I guess I will start by giving a little background. I’m divorced, in my mid-thirties, and live with my only son, (I’ll call him Ryan) on the east coast of Florida. Ryan has always loved the beach and spent most of his time growing up swimming and ..more.

Jazz Solo

When I was a boy, I would go up every summer to visit my grandfather, an amateur trumpeter, who lived in Washington D.C. The year was 2004 and my father was planning to cover some jazz tunes as a "gift" to all the attendees. You see ..more.

In the Shower

This is my first contribution to Solo Touch after reading female stories for a couple of years.

A couple of days ago, I was feeling quite horny for some reason. It was a sunday afternoon and I decided to take a shower. Feeling the warm water running ..more.

Norikos Bikini Bottoms

Norikos bikini bottoms

I had a Japanese student friend called Noriko. I was trying to get it on with her but was getting nowhere.

One day she called and asked if I could help her move as I had a car. I helped get her things into the car and drove to ..more.


I had spent the day with my friends, and seeing that it was getting late, we decided to head home. However, instead of going home, we decided that we wanted to stay out a little longer, and we suggested that we just have a sleepover at one of my friend’s ..more.

Flashing My Neighbor and Dad

I am an 18 year old male and the youngest of four brothers. I had a few earlier voyeur experiences. While visiting my grandparents in Michigan, my brother and I had to pee after dinner at a restaurant. We entered the bathroom and peed at urinals next to ..more.

Lycra Heaven

(From the author of my first gymnastics leotard) I’ve been into leotards ever since I was a teenager and began to masturbate wearing leotards and swimsuits that I’d borrowed from a number of girls at my school. It wasn’t until recently however, that I ..more.

Classic Bus Wank

Right, this happened to me today. I had an early morning exam and of course I had managed to get in my usual morning wank right after waking up—no differences there. I went to my exam hyped up and confident.

When I got there I was surrounded ..more.

Outside Last Night

Last night I was up late watching the Basketball game. When it was over, I stayed up a bit longer and just relaxed. I went upstairs to bed, where my wife was already asleep. I quickly fell asleep, but must have begun to snore, which woke up my wife. As ..more.

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