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  • Hot Babe Masturbating
    Women are lucky with their masturbation habits. They can just wear a short dress and no panties, and any time the urge strikes them they can go for it…. Lucky! This is Shauna from FTV Girls. She was outside when that urge, you know, struck her. Luckily she had a ...
  • Hairy Pussy
    Once again… All natural. This one doesn’t even shave her pussy! We wonder if all babes with hairy pussys like to masturbate with a single finger buried in her snatch! And she’s a read head too… But best yet, it seems the carpets do match the drapes! Got to love ...
  • I See London
    I see London… Masturbating! Leave it to to find the hottest, all natural women who really enjoy getting off… And have real orgasms for us! This is London, perky and all in her short little skirt, about ready to show us how she likes to spend her free time… ...
  • Real Masturbation
    If your into real girls masturbating, there’s only one place for you – and that’s They are less concerned with glamour and “pretty chicks” cramming themselves with dildos pretending to get off, and much more concerned with watching real women having real, genuine orgasms… Take Samantha Belle here… She’s ...
  • Tub Masturbation
    Have you ever had a women that likes to take a bath on a regular basis? Yeah, right. She’s not taking a bath. She’s locking the door, filling up a tub, taking off all of her clothes…. Do the math! She’s both naked and behind closed doors, where no one ...
  • Earth Shattering Orgasm
    Riley from is having one hell of a time masturbating herself in a frenzy here…. She doesn’t need any vibrators or dildos; She’s been masturbating enough to know exactly what gets her off and how to get off; And most importantly how to get herself off quickly with an ...
  • Kara Masturbates
    Kara Duhe from Ron Harris can have any man she wants, but at the end of the day nothing gets her off like masturbating…. She slides her hands down under her bikini, finds her snatch, and starts playing with her pussy… Gently at first until she gets all excited, and ...

Dick Buddies

A few years after I graduated from college, I had landed a pretty okay job. It was challenging and interesting, but it was just lame enough to not make my life challenging or interesting. I was good at it–enough to earn the praise of managers ..more.

Back in College

My freshman roommate was a great guy. One night about a month after school had started Cam and I ended up in a threesome with an incredible girl. It was the first time I had ever had group sex, or seen another guy hard before, and it was a really hot ..more.

Club Med

I was at Club Med in Mexico for Easter with my family. I met Luke on the plane, and we hit it off right away. We met up at the pool after we got to the resort, and had a great time hanging out. Luke was small and thin, had longish wavy blonde hair, and ..more.

Responding To the Doctor

First let me say that I am the type of man who really gets off on showing my body to women. Not wanting to end up in jail, I have many times paid to get a massage at various places. This gives me a way to legally show off my body. Most women whom I have ..more.

Having Fun

When I was 16, there was a girl who lived near me. She was two houses over, and the house in between was abandoned. Whenever I would be biking or walking or whatever, she would wave, and smile. Luckily, she was my age.

One day, my parents went to a ..more.

Sibling Discoveries

I spent my entire childhood living on the same plot of land in the middle of nowhere with my mother and older sister (and one older brother who had gone off to college by the time of this story, in the way-early seventies), all the while waiting for dad ..more.

Remembering Joyce

Oh, what fond memories I have of my younger days. I was 18 years old and had just graduated from high school. I wasn’t dating anyone in particular that summer. There was a girl named Joyce that I knew and in addition to being friends, Joyce and I were ..more.


I woke up in the morning about 3 o’clock with a nice woody. What to do? My wife was on her side of our king-sized bed asleep with her back to me, legs pulled up in a semi fetal position. I thought for a while then decided to scoot over and rub her back. ..more.

First Orgasm at 13

It was my 13th birthday party, and had had a big pool party. All those girls in my class in their bikinis and their bare feet, well they had a profound effect on me lol

That night, I got a big erection, as I had been getting for quite sometime. That ..more.

Caught Dad Jerking on Toilet

So, let me say, this isn’t about my biological dad, because I never knew him, but this is about the man I assumed was my dad until I was 14. I always knew my dad jerked off, ever since I found his porno mags under my parents bed. When I found these, I ..more.

A Shoulder To Ride On

Another time I was at this friend’s house, his sister and I ended up alone in the back yard for a few minutes. At 14 she was already a real beauty and at 16 I was, well, 16.

Out of nowhere, Shannon asked me to give her a ride on my shoulders. Now I ..more.

"i’m Ready To Cum, Are You?"

I once belonged to a porn video club and masturbated to them before I met my second husband. My first wasn’t as sexually uninhibited as I was so our sex life was far from satisfying and I usually had to take care of myself when he was away.

What a ..more.

Summer House

Ron had invited me to his family’s summer house in up state New York.

We shared a room that had two single beds and had an attached enclosed porch area.

At this time I was a two to three times a day masturbator with four or five times not being ..more.

The "Jack House"

Ok, so me and Corey actually got together again about two weeks before this, but I can’t type about what we did that time because of the rules of the site, but it involved no penetration. (We agreed neither of us wants to try that, so we’re not.) So I’m ..more.

Teaching My Girlfriend

Several years ago, I went out with a girl two years younger than me, so she was in year eight and I was in year 10, I got a lot of abuse for this but she was just so cute.

We used to meet up outside of school because it was just too much hassle in ..more.

At the Golf Course

This summer I got my first job working on a golf course. I get most of the shit jobs being the youngest there, and last week I was mowing weeds way out on the course when a downpour hit. I ran to a storage shed that was closest to where I was, and got ..more.

The Shower Boy

For the last week I was staying in a caravan park in Warwickshire, U.K. I was and still am travelling around and camping as I go.

Now I am what you would call a Senior and now my recollections of sexual exploits are in the past.

But a few days ago I ..more.

Why Not?

I started to mature at 12 and by 14 I had pert little (yeah, little) breasts and a light covering of pubic hair. I had gotten over the period starting thing and had settled down into a cycle that was more or less regular. I even managed to use the ..more.

Snow Job

December 17, 2008—a snow storm blankets Las Vegas for the first time in 29 years (you can google it—this a thoroughly true story). I work for a medium size company on the East side of Las Vegas at a desk job, department ..more.

One Last Time

Joe was my first JO bud, we would go for speed, distance, volume, any reason to get that good feeling.

One day as we were getting ready Joe reached for me and I let him. That was the start of our mutual JO time. We are both married now and we ran into ..more.

Learning from Jon

I was 14 when my HS debate team won a place in a competition in California. We stayed in a seedy Holiday Inn, but I was young naive and excited. I came from a strict Mormon family. I had never masturbated, and Mormons go out of their way to remove this ..more.

Locker Room Sights

I was an average 16 year old straight guy, but curious about guys and I get turned on by seeing guys of any age naked now.

This didn’t help since I worked as a janitor at a local gym/pool locker room. I pretty much sat around in the change room and mop ..more.

Late Night Fun With Friend

It was the summer break from school and I was 16 and my good friend was 15. We hung out all the time playing video games and stuff and often spent the night at each others houses.

It was really hot out that summer so we usually slept in just boxers. ..more.

Massage Fantasy

When I was in my mid-forties, I walked into the reception area of the sensual massage parlor I frequented and waited for one of the ladies to come through the door to greet me. When the door opened, I was shocked to see my twenty-two year old daughter. ..more.

Voyeur Gets Involved!

At my favorite nude beach, things often get “interesting” in the evening. I’ve been to other nude beaches that are strictly well-behaved, but at my fav, there is a distinctly sexual vibe in the air. Lots of erotic activity happens, usually ..more.

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