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  • Using Two Vibrators
    As if one vibrator in the pussy isn’t enough… This babe from FTV girls must be in a super hurry to get off. She’s thinking that if she uses twice as many vibrators, she’ll get off twice as fast… Not sure if that’s going to work for this masturbating hottie, ... […]
  • Camille Uses Fingers
    Camille is old enough to know what she wants – and exactly how to go about getting it too! And that requires her fingers on her naked pussy… Laying down in her bed, she has no need for sex toys. A few minutes of privacy with her fingers will work ... […]
  • Huge Vibrator In Pussy
    Allison looks like the type of chick that doesn’t has to masturbate, but instead she masturbates because she likes masturbating. All women like masturbating, some just like it more than others. Allison here likes it more than most! She knows what she likes when it comes to her masturbation technique. ... […]
  • Masturbating With Fruit
    Every now and then we come across a new masturbation technique or a photo that we’ll remember for ever… We found this picture of a FTV Girl Maura masturbating with what looks like a cucumber. Masturbating with fruit is no big surprise – women have been masturbating with fruit since ... […]
  • Barbi Caught Masturbating
    Barbi lost us at “Hello”. Barbi is 32, from Washington but sounds very Russian, is easy on the eyes, and loves to use both vibrators and her fingers. She likes to stimulate the clit! What we love about the Masturbation Interviews is that we get to hear the inside scoop ... […]
  • Finger Fucking Herself
    The FTV Girls are always the wild ones… They are both wild and always pretty. But it’s the pretty girls that always seem to be the horny ones… This babe’s name is Elisabeth, and while the name might invoke the image of a librarian, don’t be fooled. She’s beautiful both ... […]
  • Forest Masturbation
    You can tell that Annabelle loves getting off… She has room mates so she couldn’t masturbate at home because she’s super loud, so what she did was dress up in a short little skirt sans panties. She walked out into the woods, hiked her skirt up, and went to town ... […]

Dorm Room

My name is Travis and this story is about last fall when I went away to college for the first time. I went to a JC my first two years and lived at home. At home I lived with three other brothers. I am 20 and I have a 19, 18 and 17 year old brother. When ..more.

Such Happy Days

I had my 16th birthday in August 1961. By rights, I should have left school in July, or moved into the VIth form, but my ‘O’ level results were not good enough, so I had to spend an extra year in the Vth to retake some exams. I think my poor performance ..more.

Caught JO Naked on the Roadside

A few years ago I sent my first story. It described when I discovered how hot it is being naked and jacking off in the outdoors and in public places, leaving my parents’ home by night and walking around naked and hard in town. Later on I improved my ..more.

Late Night Gym Session

I consider myself in good shape. I lift four days a week and do cardio the other three; I won’t win any Mr. Universe titles but you can see each of my abs. I am strong and toned at about six feet tall. I weigh in at a lean 175 with short brown hair and ..more.

London Hotel Room

My wife Juliet is 35 years old, brunette, 5’10", 140lbs, slim with long legs and a 36d bust. People tease her that she looks like the British actress Keeley Hawes if that helps to describe her. We have a great sex life and masturbation plays a ..more.

Growing Up With My Sister

By the time I was 15 I was molesting myself 24/7. My sister and I were home after school alone usually three to five hours. I masturbated everyday during this time. I started coming out to get a drink or go swimming in shorts which led to underwear to a ..more.

Help after Surgery

My step daughter had a torn rotator cuff in her right shoulder and required surgery. This is quite unusual for young people, but she was in a freak accident at work. On to the story.

She moved back in with us during recovery because the first few days ..more.

In My Neighbors Garage

I have an extremely sexy milf as a neighbor. She’s about 42, but in wonderful shape with a nice rack and tight ass. This particular weekend her kids went out of town to their dads. So no one besides her was at the house. I was outside mowing the lawn ..more.

My First Time

The first time I had sex was when I was 16. My sister and I went out on a double date. i had been seeing one of her friends and we didn’t plan on getting serious but we did. I wrestled in high school and in the off season I play football. I played at ..more.

With Amanda

I had lived in a house where my backgate and about five other houses shared a closed off basketball court. It was an old neighborhood and there were no other kids my age that had still lived there. Except for Carrie (not her real name). She lived down ..more.

The Rent House

The Rent House—Part 1

After my grandfather died, the real estate market took a downturn, and I decided to rent rather than sell his small home. On the main floor the house had an eat-in kitchen, living room, and small dining room, and one bath ..more.

Outdoor Fun

I’ve had a fantasy for a long time, to be naked outside my own place during the day, but all I can manage to bring myself to do is go out in the middle of the night. Last night was one such occasion.

It was pretty hot and I was pretty horny, so I ..more.

Nudist Wank

I am a wanna be nudist and enjoy naked time at home when I can. Not surprisingly walking around with your cock dangling free is a great incentive to have a wank. I have joined a few nudist websites and one of the requirements was to post a picture. Some ..more.

Just Plain Panties

I figured out a long time ago if you can’t smell a woman’s pussy the next best thing is to sniff her panties. Therefore, I have been an avid panty sniffer and masturbator for over 55 years.

My first pair of panties to smell was my older sister’s ..more.

Sunbathing Naked With Bro

At the moment in South Wales its roasting hot, 25C ish. the other day I went out in the back garden when the parents left to do their shopping to do a bit of sunbathing, at this point I should say our back garden is set back a bit from the road so you ..more.

I’ve Got Hair!

My father’s friend came to stay a few days at our house, along with his 14 (almost 15) yr. old son. Within minutes of their arrival, he said he had to change and invited me into the room that he would share with his father. I was trying to not look at ..more.

Another Sister Story

When I was 13 and my sister Angie was 16, we were sent out to spend a couple of weeks of the summer with our Aunt in Michigan. Aunt Melissa had one daughter, Luciana, who was 19 at the time. Luciana was home from college. Melissa had divorced her husband ..more.

Life of Masturbation

"You ever fucked your fist?" Those were the words I heard my 14 year old cousin say while we were pulling weeds in the garden. My answer was no because I didn’t know what he was talking about. He said for me to follow him and he would ..more.

Not Enough Bedrooms for Everyone

After several years, my wife finally lost her battle with cancer. It had been a courageous one.

Everyone had come in from out of town and our four bedroom home wasn’t big enough to afford all the family their own bedroom. With several nieces and ..more.

Girl Friend

At 15 I thought I was pretty mature and well developed. Actually, I had a lot to gain and learn. I had a girlfriend for a few weeks and we had messed around with touching her breasts and prolonged make out sessions. She wouldn’t let me get under her ..more.

If I Could I Would

I recently read the book "The Time Traveler’s Wife". There is a part where the main character, Henry, has traveled in time and there are two of him, around 15 years old, in the same place and the same time. Unfortunately there is no ..more.

Outdoor Public Masturbation

I travel extensively for business, mostly flying, but occasionally driving. I’ve always had a fascination for outdoor and public masturbation. I guess I’m an exhibitionist, but due to the professional nature of my job, I must be very careful. I’ve ..more.

Shower Fun

Being 50 today I decided I’d have some fun to celebrate entering the new decade and I guess to prove to myself that life doesn’t end just because you reach a certain age! I have recently been experimenting with butt plugs and have found that having one ..more.

After a Shower

While we were in college, my boyfriend and I got an apartment together. The bigger the apartment, the cheaper it was per bedroom, so a friend of his moved in with us into a two bedroom. I will call him Steve. My boyfriend was kind of controlling, he did ..more.

John and I at My Aunt’s

"Hey, John," I said. "You need a ride home? My aunt’s out of town so I hafta feed her cat. And her house is right by yours, so it’s on my way."

"Ok, sure."

And we were off. As John got in my car, we ..more.

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